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Book review: “Influencer”, by Patterson et. al.

I’m currently reading “Influencer: The power to change anything” by Patterson, Despite the somewhat corny title with it’s grandiose promise, I’m finding the book quite interesting. It describes a set of factors or forces that affect how people behave, … Continue reading

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Reactions in Norway after 22.07.2011

As a Norwegian, I’d like to share some thoughts I’ve had since the terrorist attacks in Oslo and on Utøya last Friday. First of all I would like to extend my condolences and sympathy to all those affected directly by … Continue reading

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Cheat sheet 1.1 for Emacs

I added a couple of minor new things to my (old) Emacs cheat-sheet, and cleared up a couple of old things. Just thought I’d share it, hope someone finds it usefull. You’ll find the updated version here. Enjoy! 🙂

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Rebooting frozen (k)ubuntu softly: ALT + PrintScrn + REISUB

Restart Ubuntu softly with Alt + PrtScrn + “REISUB” Continue reading

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Inntrykk etter første debatt (Norwegian)

Her er en liten oppsummering av mitt inntrykk etter den første partilederdebatten jeg har fulgt med på i år: Venstre og Lars Sponheim: Jeg har alltid likt partiet, og vurderer å stemme på dem igjen (om jeg da ikke velger … Continue reading

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The Doors, live on spotify

I just started using spotify (, and it realy does rock. It’s a perfecly nice and clean way to listen to whatever you want over the Internet. Well – almost whatever you want – I could not find any music … Continue reading

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The real McCain?

Update: I decided to remove some of the less relevant points from here, including certain things about McCains past. If you’re curious, you can find the details in the linked article. The selected points left below are only those I … Continue reading

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