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The IPhone is compatible with A.D. time travel

I had to reset the date on my IPod today, and stumbled upon something interesting. It happened because the date had somehow been reset to the year 2000. Fine. Ten years back now seems a while ago, but oh well. … Continue reading

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Radioactive coconuts and terrorists

There`s an article on “New Scientist Environment” about reefs growing back near Bikini Atoll, where a nuclear bomb was detonated some fifty years ago. Interesting enough… The reason I’m posting the link though, is the comments following the article. It’s … Continue reading

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A long lost analysis on the merrits of time travel

I was really planning to use this site a little more than I have. That however, has not happened yet. I hope to get around to it soon, but for now, I thought I might post an old paper I … Continue reading

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