The IPhone is compatible with A.D. time travel

I had to reset the date on my IPod today, and stumbled upon something interesting. It happened because the date had somehow been reset to the year 2000. Fine. Ten years back now seems a while ago, but oh well. Not that interesting. Then I tried to see how far back I could scroll. I was expecting something like a few years back, or maybe back to January 1., 1970 (An alternative “Year 0” for those of us who know a little about dates in computers). But nope, scrolled back passed it. Way passed it. In fact, it went so far back, I had a little time to think while I was scrolling. I wonder if Dr.Who has an IPad or an IPhone (or had? Or will have? Sidenote: What is the correct verb-form to use when referring to someone who travels in time?). Does his sonic screwdriver have a calender, and if so, is it as good as that of the IPhone?

Anyway, I finally reached the year 0001. Then 0001 again. Yup, that’s right: There are two instances of the year 1, then nothing. I guess that means my IPod (and presumably, IPhones, IPads and possibly other I-thingies) are compatible with time travel, so long as you don’t go back beyond the birth-year of Jesus, a year that was so great, they decided to run it twice (Probably due to record sales of Christmas-related software from the App-store).

You know what is a little strange though? Although it is possible to time travel scroll forward to beyond the year 9999 (yes, right through 10000 and onwards), as soon as you let go, the dial jumps right back to 2038. So apparently, 2010 years into the past is OK, but 28 years into the future is not. I’m guessing Dr.Who would have felt cheated.


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2 Responses to The IPhone is compatible with A.D. time travel

  1. Ehh… The protagonist (the main character) of the show Doctor Who is not named Dr. Who, his name is simply the “Doctor”.
    I guess he doesn’t have a calendar on his sonic screwdriver, since it’s just a screwdriver. But he probably has a calendar on his time traveling device, the TARDIS.
    But, yeah… Funny find.
    I also had the same double-0001-error, but my iPhone wouldn’t let me set the year to be less than 1970 😛

  2. kjartanl says:

    Haha.. Hey Håvar, you troll! 🙂 Long time (No pun intended)! Of course you’re quite right, as always..

    Anyway, I doubt the Doctor would make such a foolish mistake as to lock himself in with products from Apple. My hunch says he uses some highly customized fork of Android from the distant future, when everything has been rewritten in Lisp.. 😉

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