The Doors, live on spotify

I just started using spotify (, and it realy does rock. It’s a perfecly nice and clean way to listen to whatever you want over the Internet. Well – almost whatever you want – I could not find any music by Les Cowboys Fringants, a band from Canada Quebec that sing in french, and incidentally, one of my favourite bands. Hopefully, their music will show up there soon though.

Anyway another one of my favourite bands is The Doors, and this is pretty cool: In addition to their “normal” records, there are a bunch of rocords from concerts, rehearsals, and other kinds of live stuff. Impressive.

Another cool feature is the inclusion under artist-profiles of records featuring as little as a single song by them. Under the page featuring Guns ‘N’ Roses for example, if you scroll down to the section “Appears on”, you can find, among other things, a medley of GNR-songs played on piano by some guy called Robbie Gennet (who??), and the soundtrack to “Interview with a vampire”, which includes the Rolling Stones-cover “Sympathy for the Devil” (“Sympathy” was not on any of the old GNR-albums, though it was released as the last track on “Greatest Hits” in 2004).

In short: I love this “Appears on”-feature, since it makes it easy to find stuff you might be less likely to come across otherwise.

-Oh, and a sidenote: You wanna see a really impressive “CV”? Check out the list of records under Bob Marley’s profile.

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