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I read a lot of different stuff. In fact, I`ll often reading several different books at the same time. Theres nothing quite like sitting down with a big cup of coffee or whatever, and forgetting the world around you with a little chunk of dead tree in your hands. A couple of weeks ago however, I started reading “Old mans war”, a science fiction novel by John Scalzi, as an E-book. I wasn’t sure what it would be like to read a whole book this way (in PDF-format), and true – it’s does not give quite the same old dead tree-charm, but once you get going, it’s actually not that bad. Mostly I’ve been reading it on my laptop, stretched out on a couch, but I’ve also spent some time reading it at work (in weekends I work 12-hour night-shifts as a receptionist, a job that often involves a lot of waiting). The good things about this is:

1) You don`t actually need to remember to BRING the book – you just need to be able to access your email to be able to read it in an average web browser, and

2) You can read it at work or anywhere else without making it too obvious. (Granted, I could read a paperback at work too sometimes, no problem – but I personally think a receptionist “working” on a computer looks a little more professional than one leaning back in his chair and reading a novel).

Anyway, if you`d like to try this, check out . At the time of this writing, the site is not finished, and all you’ll find is a little info and a place to sign up with your e-mail in order to receive a link to a new free down loadable e-book every week (Seemingly mostly science fiction and fantasy type books).

Thats right: You’ll get a link to a new e-book in your e-mail each week – as far as I know, there is no list of links to previous books available directly on the website. This seems to be a promotional thing for, which apparently is launching sometime soon. Well worth a peek!

Anyway, I’m sure Tor Books won’t mind me helping them out with the promotion:

I won’t bother posting links to any of the other books unless there are any specific requests for them. If you post a request below however, I’ll be glad to post whichever link you want.

Note: You can also get each book in HTML format (web page format) or in Mobi format for handheld computers etc. For my part, I’m very happy with the PDF version.

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