First post (well, not really..)

This used to be a page dedicated to my four month trip to Mexico, but that plan died pretty quickly. Now I`m sort of starting over, but this time, with no real theme, other then what ever I feel like posting whenever I feel like posting anything at all.

At the time of this writing, I still don`t know exactly what that is going to be. With me being a programmer and a big fan of what others might consider extremely dry, nerdy humor, you can expect a bit of content in the “geek” category. I do, however, not want to limit the site to such things. I`d also like to be able to entertain people who do not dream in hex and own a semi-dirty coffee mug with the caffeine molecule maths formulae on it (Damn, I`ve got to get me one of those!).

So what else can you expect? Well, the occasional comment on world news and politics might show up, as well as thoughts on movies, music and anything else that should for some reason catch my interest. It could be literally anything, so we`ll just have to see. Also, I`ll hopefully post any interesting news about my own life every now and again.

However, knowing myself, I should warn you: Don`t expect too many frequent updates! As I said, we`ll just have to see how it goes! 😉

About kjartanl

Systems Developer working near Bergen, Norway.
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